A World Premiere by a Philadelphia Playwright!
February 22 - March 12, 2017
Proscenium Theatre at The Drake | 302 S. Hicks Street
By Douglas Williams
Directed by Kevin Glaccum
Production Sponsors Robin & Patrick Tracy
Production Partner Fairmount Bicycles

Bert's Bikes and Sports, a neighborhood bike shop in lower Manhattan, is on its last leg. Customers have vanished, the shop across the street is poaching their best mechanics, and the new guy they just hired doesn't even own a bike. Now that Alex has finally been promoted to manager, he'll need to get creative in order to save the shop he loves -- and he just so happens to have an idea that could bring Bert's back from the dead...

Approximate Running Time:
90 minutes, No Intermission

Age Recommendation:
16+ - Contains strong language.

Akeem Davis (Alex)
Harry Watermeier (Brandon)
Charlotte Northeast (Izzy)
David Pica (Spider)

Apollo Mark Weaver  Scenic Designer
J. Dominic Chacon  Lighting Designer
Natalia de la Torre  Costume Designer
Larry D. Fowler, Jr.  Sound Designer
Joe Daniels  Technical Director
Avista Custom Theatrical, LLC  Properties
Terry Mittelman  Stage Manager
Ben Levan  Production Manager
Michele Volansky  Dramaturg
Lena Barnard  Assistant Stage Manager
Kristopher Karcher  Assistant Dramaturg
Lucas Nguyen  Master Electrician
Johanna Austin  Production Photographer