Pay What You Decide!
Launched in 2016, Azuka Theatre was the first theater company in Philadelphia (and in the country as far as we can tell) to offer its entire season of productions as Pay What You Decide (PWYD): every production, every performance, everyone.

PWYD is based entirely on your experience where - instead of deciding what to pay before attending the show or paying a fixed ticket price - you are able to attend the show, decide the value of your experience, and pay as you leave the theater. Essentially, we want to remove the financial barrier of seeing theater - particularly new theater work - and open the doors to anyone interested in attending a show.


  1. What IS Pay What You Decide?
    Pay What You Decide is exactly what it sounds like: there are no fixed ticket prices, no financial risk of buying a ticket in advance and it provides you the opportunity to decide the value based on your experience.

  2. How does Pay What You Decide work?
    Tickets are available to reserve in advance as usual, but there is no obligation to pay until after you have seen the show. You decide the price based on your experience.

  3. Is there a minimum ticket price?
    Nope! The price is completely up to you!

  4. What does the money support?
    All money collected helps pay our artists and support future productions, and we therefore hope you will give generously.

  5. So, how do I get my tickets?
    If you reserve your tickets online, you will have the option to have them emailed to you or held at the Box Office for will call. Patrons who have reserved tickets in advance will need to check in at the Box Office as usual.
    Please note: Unclaimed RESERVED tickets will be re-released 15 minutes prior to each performance.

  6. How do I pay?
    Payment can be made after the performance by cash, check or credit card. We provide a payment envelope or you can visit us at the box office to make your payment.

  7. Are there still discounts for Students, Industry Members and Seniors?
    Now that you have the opportunity to pay what you decide based on your experience, this model eliminates the need for reduced price, discounted or tiered ticketing, providing an equal opportunity for patrons from any financial background.

  8. You said you were the first company - are there other companies doing this?
    There are! In 2018, Simpatico Theatre Company began offering their entire season with the PWYD model and 11th Hour Theatre Company offers some of their performances using PWYD! Curio Theatre Company introduced PWYD ticketing in March 2019! If you know of others, please tell us!

We would like to thank The Barra Foundation for their generous support of this program, Annabel Turpin & Daniel Mitchelson of ARC Stockton and Porl Cooper of Slung Low's THE HUB for hosting us at their theaters and providing invaluable expertise, and the numerous individuals who have given us a thumbs-up or donation of any size to move us forward!