Azuka Extras: What is Producers Circle? (feat. Kevin Glaccum)

Hello, Azuka friends and family — hope you’re having a fantastic week.

Earlier this summer, I promised some insight into corners of Azuka you might not be as familiar with — Maura Krause talked about our writers group New Pages and you can continue to read spotlights like last week’s on our wonderful New Pages playwrights right here on the blog. Today, I want to tell you about Azuka’s Producers Circle.

If you’ve been to an Azuka show recently, you’ve heard “Producers Circle” — or maybe read it in the program at least. Last season I was a pretty frequent house manager, and in every curtain speech we thank the members of our Producers Circle. But...what does that mean? What IS Producers Circle?

At its most basic dictionary-definition level, Producers Circle denotes donors who give a minimum donation of $500. But as anybody in the arts knows, it means a lot more than that.

I asked our Producing Artistic Director, the one and only Kevin Glaccum, to speak a little bit to Producers Circle. Here’s what he had to say.


“Azuka Theatre launched our Producers Circle 10 years ago to allow our supporters to become more connected to the work we do. Membership in the Producers Circle gives donors access to our productions from first reading to Opening Night. They’re able to hear the play read out loud by the cast at the first rehearsal, see the drawings the designers have created for the production and hear the director’s vision for the play. Attendance at other rehearsals, including the Designer run of the show, further interaction with the cast and dinner with me are some of the other advantages of Producers Circle membership. 

Our Producers Circle not only provides much needed financial support, it is a huge vote of confidence in what we do and the work we make.”

That confidence is no small thing; as I said in the first post of the summer, you belong at Azuka. We want you here, and we want to reward your belief in us with work that’s worth it. Work that — and this goes without saying — would literally not exist without you. With even further Producers Circle benefits, we want to show you just how much we appreciate your incredibly generous support.

Here’s a breakdown of the levels of Producers Circle.

$500 - $999

  • Recognition in production programs and online for one (1) year.

  • Invitation for two (2) to Opening Night performances & receptions.

  • Reserved seating upon advance request.

$1000 - $2499

  • Associate Producer benefits, PLUS

  • Invitation for two (2) to first rehearsal Meet & Greet events.

  • Invitation for two (2) to in-house readings of new plays.

  • Lunch or dinner with Producing Artistic Director Kevin Glaccum & Azuka's Board President (upon request).

$2500 - $4999

  • Producer benefits, PLUS

  • Highlighted recognition as Executive Producer of a production in programs, online & in curtain speech.

  • Recognition as a New Play Supporter for Azuka's New Pages Program.

  • Lunch or Dinner with an Azuka playwright or director (upon request).


  • Executive Producer benefits, PLUS

  • Recognition as Honorary Producer of a production on all marketing materials, in programs, online and in curtain speech.

  • Opportunity to include a personalized message in your production program.

  • Opportunity to act as Lead Supporter for the development of a new play through our New Pages Program.

  • Invitation for four (4) to Opening Night performances and receptions.

  • A private meal with Kevin Glaccum and your sponsored New Pages playwright.


You can see a list of all our Organization and Producers Circle supporters HERE.

Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a member of Azuka’s Producers Circle. Just as Kevin said, we want you be as connected as possible to the work we do — because you’re why we do it.

I hope all of your Julys are rounding out nicely — check in Friday for another New Pages spotlight.


- Lucas