Happy Summer, Outcasts and Underdogs

Happy summer, outcasts and underdogs!

Our 2018-19 season ended with BOYCOTT ESTHER last month — and we’re already well into planning for the fall. In fact, check our website again on July 1 to read more about next season’s three productions, which include Dominique Morriseau’s SUNSET BABY and Douglas Williams’ SHIP.

sunset baby.jpg

I’ve tended to focus the blog’s attention on our three mainstage shows — and, don’t worry; when next season comes around, you can count on the same interviews and dramaturgy as before. But I want to take this summer as a chance to talk about some bits of Azuka you may not know about. Like…

Where did the name “Azuka” come from?

What does it mean to be a member of our Producers Circle?

As we approach our 20th season, what did Azuka look like two decades ago as opposed to today?

And what is Azuka’s NEW PAGES!?

love park.jpg

To that last one — each week this summer, I’ll be highlighting one of the seven playwrights from our writers’ group New Pages, which is part of Azuka’s commitment to new work. If you missed our New Pages event earlier this month, you’ll get a chance to hear from all of these playwrights at readings throughout next season!

And, between these highlights — I’ll be answering some of those other burning questions. So stay tuned for it all.

You all belong at Azuka — you are an essential part of the art we make. Because of that, we want you to know who we are, and all that we have to share with you. I can’t wait to take you behind the scenes this summer — from this first week, to the underdog-days, and beyond. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine while the thunderstorms are gone!

See you soon.

- Lucas