Bare Knuckle Theatre: Playwright Chad Beckim on the Writing of LIGHTS RISE ON GRACE

"Bare knuckle theater. Theater with teeth and claws and heart. Theater that challenges and breaks you down and builds you up and changes the way you thought about the world (even if it’s a tiny bit) before the houselights darkened."

Drama behind the Drama as #LightsRiseOnGrace

By Darnelle Radford, Rep Radio

"This is a production that there needs to be more of. Whatever your position about this piece, the conversation that comes up is one that serves its purpose and validates the artists who boldly tackle the work."

You should see yourself: Chad Beckim
By Roz DeKett, Conversations With Writers

"For savvy theatre goers I think it would be a really great adventure. For folks who don't come to the theater that much, give it a chance, because I think it will surprise. I think it will unfold and land on you in a way that you didn't expect."

Azuka Shines the 'Lights' on Acclaimed Play

By Larry Nichols, Philadelphia Gay News

“Family doesn’t need to be this traditional thing,...It can be made up of a lot of different factors. If you have that open heart and an open mind, you can create a family out of anything.”


'Lights Rise on Grace' and set on a triangle

By Howard Shapiro, Newsworks

"Chad Beckim's flinty new play "Lights Rise on Grace" is as much about a clash of cultures as it is about trying, and failing, to make choices. It's a strong, believable story and in the production that opened over the weekend at Azuka Theatre, intently told."

Lights Rise on Grace illuminates three dark souls

By Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

"Love stories never get old, and this one, after some painful episodes, offers a bit of hope. The ending doesn't negate the characters' shortcomings and losses - there are no easy answers for these battered people - but shows that every life can grow with a little light."

'Lights Rise on Grace' at Azuka Theatre in Philadelphia

By Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theater Arts

"The rich language and the distinctive characters make Lights Rise on Grace an involving experience. And Director Kevin Glaccum's production moves smoothly back and forth in time without a moment's confusion. The three actors all rise to the occasion..."