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Victoria Aaliyah Goins (Nina)
Victoria Aaliyah Goins is a Houston native who began her professional acting career in Los Angeles in 2007. She has starred in several national commercials and has appeared as a singer/performer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, America's Got Talent, and The Voice. After moving to Philadelphia, Victoria graduated with her B.A. in Strategic Communication from Temple University. Previous roles include: Squeak (The Color Purple), Maria (Maria Marten, or, The Murder in the Red Barn), Zenna (Lydie Breeze Trilogy), Lady in Yellow (For Colored Girls), Miss. Pat (The Colored Museum).

Victoria is also an emerging director and has worked as an Assistant Director at The Arden on 74 Seconds to Judgment as well as Ragtime. She is also a Tier II member of Directors Gathering and her work has been featured at the 2019 DG 'Wonder Womxn' JAM, produced by "The Art Doulas".

Victoria also has a passion for teaching and has taught drama with After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP DRAMA). She has also led workshops for 'Acting on Camera' and 'Acting for Beginners' at various schools and churches in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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