Azuka lets the quirky, angsty "Moth" fly

By Jacqueline Rupp

"There's a puzzle embedded in this play, you have to figure things out as you go along, as audience members, what actually happened."


High grades and extra credit

By Mark Cofta

"Those who recall high school with bitterness...cannot be unmoved; hopefully, Moth also touches the people who bullied others or, perhaps even worse, those who laughed along with or ignored the torture."

Azuka Theatre's 'Moth': What led to
a high-school catastrophe

By Jim Rutter

"Should a play depict the point of view of the Columbine shooters? Even to consider the question raises another question: What stories deserve to be told? At the very least, Azuka Theatre's impressive production of Declan Greene's drama Moth inspires me to ask this question."

Azuka's Moth Is a Harrowing Visit to Young Adulthood

By David Fox

"The two young actors here...commit fully to the scale of the story...and they give bold accomplished performances. Director Michael Osinski delivers a beautifully staged production."

'Moth' at Azuka Theatre in Philadelphia

By Neal Newman

"A vital, well-acted production. Parke and Scheppard...deliver stirring physical performances."