Emma Goidel on her buzzy new play 'Local Girls'

By A.D. Amorosi

"My work as a playwright doesn't stop when I write 'end of play' on the third draft."

3 Questions With LOCAL GIRLS Playwright Emma Goidel

By Sally Ollove

"I find myself simultaneously drawing on my own experiences for material that is rich and meaningful to me, that I can commit to exploring without worrying about it running out, and shaping that material with precision and a theatrical agenda."

10 Metal Songs to Get You Pumped for Local Girls

By Sam Henderson

"They like what they like, and if they say it's metal, it's metal."

Emma Goidel on Her Heavy Metal Play Local Girls

By Bryan Buttler

"I'm definitely not spending as much time writing, and at first I was beating myself up a bit about that, but I figured out that I'm doing a different type of writing. I'm engaging with the plays in a much more tangible way. I'm learning a lot in a very short time."


High school in all its terrible glory

By Mark Cofta | Illustration by Mike Jackson

"Nothing's as serious while it's happening - and as silly afterward - as high school. Therein lies the charm of Emma Goidel's fun, big-hearted, so-serious-it's-silly new play, Local Girls, receiving a smart world premiere production by Azuka."

Azuka Theatre's 'Local Girls' portrays punk rock shtick

By Bill Chenevert

"One of the smartest things that's happening in Philadelphia right now."

LOCAL GIRLS (Azuka): High School Rage

By Julius Ferraro

"Goidel nails the aimless rage of adolescence."

'Local Girls' at Azuka Theatre in Philadelphia

By Deb Miller

"A funny, charming, and sensitive reflection on the challenges of being a teenager and feeling like an outcast both at school and at home."