It's Giving Tuesday and we need your help to make the magic happen! Our next show is the World Premiere of Local Girls by Emma Goidel. This play is full of heart, and the kind of magic that exists in the world around us when we are young. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at something audiences don't get to see: the Playwright's stage directions!

DISKIT, in the shadows.
An intense look. A symbolic pose.
Thump thump thump thump--

DISKIT dances a Joan of Arc dance
to the theme song from her Joan of Arc video game.
It is both medieval choral nostalgia and electronic badasserie
and also female wail-singing with hand percussion,
Lord of the Rings meets Flying Lotus meets Battlestar Galactica.

A graceful whirling of arms.
The music builds...a yoga pose...
And then light: Joan of Arc is with us!
Slicing, charging, killing the English in powerful, spinning moves.
Maybe we hear the female wail-singers cry:
"Joooooooooan, Joan of Aaaaaaaarc, yeah!"
A jump! A slammeth downeth!
Joan is kicking everyone's ass and saving her country and turning us on.

But wait--the music darkens.
What's this? Joan's been hit.
An arrow to the right shoulder!
She weeps in arcing weepy dance moves
France! France! Fraaaance!

Then--a glimmer of hope:
the sweet soprano of a pre-pubescent boy.
Invisible Saint Catherine comes down through the ceiling
blesses Joan, whispers in her ear, buoys her strength--
she will win this battle!
Joan rallies, and readies her sword for three oncoming English giants--

How awesome is that? It is your generosity that gives us the freedom to bring this kind of imaginative, thought-provoking theater to the stage. We need your help to make this magic happen! Your support of Azuka Theatre allows us to give local talents like Emma fully realized productions of their unique and important work. Make Azuka a part of your #GivingTuesday!