Help us ring in the new year by "buying us a drink!"

As you head out to celebrate the new year, it's pretty certain you'll spend at least $5.00 on a drink. We're hoping you'll join us is toasting the start of 2016 and our upcoming move into The Drake by donating a drink (or more) to Azuka!

Want some drink suggestions?
$5 buys us a drink!
$10 buys us a flight!
$25 buys us a round!
$100 pays for our tab!

Want to support us through the new year? Join us as a Sustaining Member with a recurring donation (quarterly or monthly)! It's like the beer of the month club! Could you do $5 or $10 a month? $25 a month is only $300 for the year!

Help spread the word by using #ToastAzuka when sharing this with others!

Thank you and Happy New Year!


The Biringers, Douglas Williams, David J. Wierz, Anne Lynn,
Charlotte Northeast,
Meghann Williams, Brian Norris, Stephen & Pamela Heishman,
Noris Weiss Malvey, Emily Acker, Ross Radish, Sandra J. Stevens,
Tim Martin, Gigi Naglak,
Cybele Perry, Dan Gannon,
Allison Frisbee, Matthew Pettigrew, Bradley Tarr, Laura Grace Pattillo, Kevin Meehan, Andi Sheaffer,
Carrie & Chad Gorn, Greg Gerphart,
Jill Garland & John Frisbee, Annemarie Vaeni & Scott Case,
M.A. Early, Michael Feighan,
J. Dominic Chacon, David Bradley, Charlie DelMarcelle,
Arin Sullivan & Andrea Taylor,
Royal Tettemer, Aisha Crellin,
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