What to Expect from Bob: A Life in Five Acts!

Hello, friends of Azuka!

Long time no see; a belated very Happy New Year! We’ve been busy here preparing for our upcoming production of Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s BOB: A LIFE IN FIVE ACTS. In fact, just a couple of weekends ago, we had our first rehearsal!


If you missed last fall’s sneak preview of BOB by director Michael Osinski, you can check it out here. In it, Michel talks a little bit about what he hopes audiences will get out of BOB, particularly a well-needed laugh as we brace further into this chilly Philly winter!

So what’s BOB about? Well -- born and abandoned in a White Castle bathroom, our eponymous Bob has one goal for his unusual life: to become a “Great Man” and, so help him, to get his name on a plaque. He embarks on an epic journey across America and encounters inspiring generosity, crushing hardships, blissful happiness, stunning coincidences, wrong turns, lucky breaks, true love and heartbreaking loss -- not to mention a myriad of fantastic strangers whom he shapes and is shaped by along the way.


With such an eclectic ensemble of characters, and their many successes and shortcomings, everyone is sure to find themselves somewhere in the expansive world of BOB. Something that resonates, or stings, or humors. And isn’t that why we see theater?

But that’s not all -- because you are clearly a true Azuka follower (bonus points if you were even reading the blog back when I was writing posts about like...Winnie the Pooh...I’m trying to, uh, streamline a bit nowadays), I offer you a behind the scenes look at some early concept sketches from set designer Dustin Pettegrew. What will the stage look like in its final form? Come find out!


From BOB, you can expect comedy, as Michael says. You can expect a bit of existentialism. You can expect the roller coaster of heartbreak and happiness from the synopsis above -- unless you’re scared of roller coasters, in which case, you can expect the gift shop next to the roller coaster that you wander around in while your friends go on the roller coaster...of heartbreak and happiness, from the synopsis above. Then again, life really is a roller coaster -- fear and all -- and BOB tells the story of a whole life. So...give it a try. Who knows? Has that metaphor been used before? I don’t think so. I think I’m alright, that’s an original. Here’s a picture of a roller coaster.



We are so excited to share this story with you, and we hope you’re just as excited to see it! The show runs from February 27 - March 17, and you can reserve your tickets for our all Pay What You Decide performances now.

Make sure to check back here for Q&A’s, special features, and more as we approach BOB. And stay warm out there!

- Lucas