A Night at the Box Office! (COOL TIME LAPSE)

MRS. HARRISON has sadly closed, but luckily, a great number of you got to see it! In our final weeks we had a number of sold-out performances, including this one -- and I got a fancy shmancy COOL TIME LAPSE™ to snapshot the occasion. Azuka's own Janelle Kauffman helped me MacGyver rig this bad boy to a sensible angle and I worked the box office alongside Dana Marcus, with Lee Porter tending the bar. To give some perspective and capture a night in the life of the hustling and bustling Louis Bluver lobby, I present a recording of this beautiful box office dance. Spot anybody you know? Other than me, in my iconic cap and Cap tee. The Lucas Cap&Cap, if you will.

For a chance to be a flash of a shadow in a COOL TIME LAPSE™, visit Azuka Theatre next season! And stay tuned for a potential cool new blog series comin' on down the pipeline to a web browser near you...

Be brave, stay wild!

- Lucas