YETI Cancelled Tonight: 10 Things To Do Instead While We Let It Snow

Due to the weather in Philly, our performance of READY STEADY YETI GO tonight has been cancelled. I've got some suggestions for how you can spend your time instead.


1. MAKE A LIST: of what being 12 years old looked, sounded, felt, tasted, & smelled like. In the lobby after the show, there are notebooks where you can share your answers.

2. Build a snow Yeti. Just because the show’s cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t still get your Yeti on. Post a pic of your best snow Yeti and tag it #AzukaYeti.

3. Watch a movie you loved when you were younger. These kinds of days are great for movie watching. Spend your snow day with the Goonies, E.T., Rugrats — whatever colorful characters always floated your boat after school.

4. MAKE A LIST: What does privilege look, sound, taste, smell, and feel like? This is another post-show lobby question. Often we see examples of privilege every day that we might not even notice because we take them for granted.

5. Read a play. Going out to the theatre isn’t the only way to enjoy it. Pick up a play from your shelf you haven’t read before, or revisit a personal favorite. Mine is THE GOAT by Albee. It’s,’s not a very fun snow day read. I might skip out on this one, but. You do you.

6. WATCH a play! This one’s even more like going to the theatre. There are lots of plays and musicals online on the YouTubes or whatever else millennials are surfin’ and mlurfin’ on these tubular days. I even watched Hamilton on YouTube once. I was soon found by the FBI and now have to wear an ankle bracelet that screams “JUST YOU WAIT” every time I visit the website, but, I think it was worth it.

This photo strikes fear into my heart.

This photo strikes fear into my heart.

7. MAKE A LIST: When were times you thought you should stand up for someone or something...but didn’t? Another tough but important question to think about before and after seeing YETI.

8. MAKE A LIST: What are times you DID stand up for someone or something? A friend, or ideal, that you believed in. And don’t sell yourself short. You never know when even the smallest gesture made someone feel better, or make an impact.

9. Call your friends & family! Tell them you love them. Make sure they’re okay in this pretty but dangerous weather. Invite them to watch Hamilton with you, just, be the martyr and use your account.

10. Reserve your tickets for READY STEADY YETI GO! This weekend is our last weekend. If you weren’t able to make it tonight, take a minute to reschedule, and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet — do it! We have been so grateful to be able to share this show with you.

Stay safe and happy snow day from Azuka! Hope to see you soon!


- Lucas