Hey! Philly College Students!

Hey, College Students!

So there is A LOT of exciting, cutting edge theater going on in Philadelphia and yet, as students, so little time (and money -- eek) to experience it.

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Azuka Theatre was founded fewer than 20 years ago in 1999 by young Philadelphia artists in a local apprenticeship program. Our shows reflect that fresh, progressive spirit for students who want art from more than just dead white guys; we tell important stories from unexpected perspectives. TL;DR The shows are actually really, really cool.

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All three plays this season are world premieres by Philly playwrights. This is a showcase of the kind of talent and success that can come out of our city, even when it all feels incredibly intimidating.

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To get into theater, half the work is going out and seeing it! It's worth the SEPTA token!

Please let us know if this opportunity would interest you, ether now, or in coming semesters for our later productions. We are confident in the value of our season to your players. You can contact either me at lucas@azukatheatre.org, or Mark Andrews at mark@azukatheatre.org, and feel free to learn more about the season at azukatheatre.org!

Thank you so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Lucas McLean