Our Work, Inspired By You!

As I'm sure you've heard in the curtain speech at nearly every theater performance you've been to that "ticket sales make up only a small part of our budget." Well, it's true. For a company the size of Azuka, that "small part" is REALLY small...so we rely on the generosity of our audiences to try and fill in the gap. We send out a couple of letters a year requesting donations, but our big push is always in December. Between folks feeling generous because of the holidays, as well as being aware that they need to boost their charitable donations before the end of the calendar year, we've always received our best response to our end of year appeal.

Many non profits write their letter and turn it over to a mailing house to merge with their mailing list and send out. Well, we rock it old school at Azuka: we print, sign, fold, stuff and seal all of out letters in-house. It's much more cost effective, but also WAY beyond the capacity of our staff, so we recruit volunteers to give us a hand. We try and make it as pleasant as possible - music is played, pizza is ordered. It actually ends up being kind of fun! This year we had five intrepid volunteers from Arcadia University who gave us a chunk of their Sunday afternoon to help get our letter out. So a big shout out to Freddy Amill, Dan D'Albis, Kevin McCann, Leo Fahringer and Bridget Nodes as well as alum (and star of Azuka's How We Got On Kishia Nixon. I should have taken pictures of these wonderful people, but I was too busy signing letters!

In case you didn't receive on, here's what we sent out:

Your one-time year-end gift will make an immediate impact as we enter 2017 and begin work on our next 2 World Premiere Productions!

Become a sustaining member with recurring monthly or quarterly donations! A recurring gift of $25/month adds up to $300 by the end of 2017!