The Emotional First Responders

I've been thinking a lot about the people who had no choice but to get up and get to work on Wednesday morning, and the people who had a choice and chose to get up and get to work.

Teachers, therapists, nurses, lawyers, the organizers. The artists.

I keep thinking about that Fred Rodgers quote and how it applies to the emotional trauma that many people are feeling, have been feeling, for a long time now, not just these past few days.

Honestly, I keep thinking about anything but the reality of the next four years, trying to distract myself, but it doesn't sit right.

As artists we are called to action. Even if we don't know where to begin. Or how to begin. Or even if we can being - we will, we must.

Below are some resources that some of the amazing emotional first responders we know have shared. We are not alone. You are not alone.

Please feel free to share more links in the comments.


Saturday, November 12, 4:00pm
FREE Self Defense Classes for Muslims, POC, LGBTQIA folks+
45th and Baltimore Ave

Saturday, November 12, 5:00pm
Rally for Love
22nd and Carpenter

Now through November 20th
Marisol, by Jose Rivera
Directed by James Ijames
See some powerful, woman centric theater about and apocalyptic time.
Villanova Theatre

Sunday, November 13th
Philly Trump Protest for Solidarity
Thomas Paine Plaza

Sunday, November 13th
Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Monday, November 14, 1:50pm
Artistic Responses to Black Lives Matter
Community College of Philadelphia

Monday, November 14th
Born to Run: A Beginner's Guide to Running for Office - Or Just Raging Against The System
Painted Bride

Monday, November 14th
Post-Election Healing
The Drake

Tuesday, November 15th
Making Art Political: A Panel Discussion on Street Art and Advocacy

Tuesday, November 15th
SWING STATE Post-Election Recovery Roundtable
Little Berlin

Wednesday, November 16th
Anti-Trump: Rally for Police Reform
Race Street

Wednesday, November 16th
Stronger Together: Embracing Community for Hope
Painted Bride

Thursday, November 17th
Shaun King Speaking at the University of Pennsylvania

Saturday, November 19th
Love Trumps Hate: Protest Trump in Philly
Broad and JFK

Saturday, November 26th
Queen Mary: A Queer Dance Party in Philly
The Bearded Ladies & SUPERobject invite you aboard, it's...QUEEN MARY: A queer dance party cruising toward West Philly to dock on your face! Go down with the ship! Dance off all that family time!

Saturday, November 26th
Queer Performances of Color
CiBo Ristorante Italiano

Sunday, December 4th
Applied Mechanics Community Dinner

Wednesday, December 7th
Nasty Women Open Call to Artists